XlynX is developing a suite of diazirine-based chemicals for covalently crosslinking low surface energy, hard-to-bond polymers. These new molecules address tough adhesion and material strengthening challenges, and offer antimicrobial solutions for surfaces and fabrics.

Chemically crosslink “impossible to bond” polymers for enhanced bonding strength and superior mechanical performance. Designed for low-surface-energy (non-functionalized) materials, the BondLynx bis-diazirine molecule forms highly reactive carbene intermediates that insert themselves into C–H bonds on adjacent polymer surfaces when activated by moderate heat or ~350nm light.

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Covalently bond a powerful antimicrobial photosensitizer to surfaces and fabrics to kill bacteria and viruses. When exposed to visible light, SteriLynx-treated materials kill microbes by releasing singlet oxygen. And because it is chemically bonded to the surface, SteriLynx won’t wash off!

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Product Pipeline

We are working hard to expand our line of crosslinking chemicals. Watch this space for new exciting product announcements!