Covalently bond a powerful antimicrobial photosensitizer to surfaces and fabrics to kill bacteria and viruses. When exposed to visible light, SteriLynx-treated materials kill microbes by releasing singlet oxygen. And because it is chemically bonded to the surface, SteriLynx won’t wash off!


Industry Applications

Enhanced Medical PPE

XlynX is working with medical mask manufacturers to enhance the safety and effectiveness of their personal protective equipment.

SteriLynx is:

  • Designed for medical PPE and other healthcare applications.
  • Easy to bond permanently to polymer fabrics or surfaces with moderate heating or near-UV light. Melt blown/spun bond poly-propylene (PP);
    Polyethylene (HDPE/LDPE/UHMWPE); polyurethanes; and many other polymers.
  • Kills bacteria, viruses, fungi on contact (μs to ms). Unlikely to induce mutation.
  • Preserves bulk properties of the fabric. Treated at very low concentrations (˂ 1wt%).
  • Provides continuous pathogen sterilization during use. Remains active when exposed to light.
  • Suitable for multiple uses or long term use. Does not wash off treated fabrics or surfaces.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly. Does not leach into the environment.

Biofouling Inhibition

Inhibit biofilm formation in marine and industrial settings.

Antimicrobial Protection

Reduce the spread of bacterial and viruses.