Meet the XlynX Team

Meet the XlynX team of experienced entrepreneurs and research scientists who are creating innovative carbon nanomaterials and crosslinking polymer technologies.

Peter Berrang

CEO & President
Peter Berrang is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and run multiple successful high technology companies.

He holds an undergraduate degree in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics, and a graduate degree in Chemistry. He holds over 30 patents in a broad array of disciplines including magnetics, fiber optics, semiconductor lasers, neural implants, chemical structures, and high strength fabrics.

Peter is a co-founder and President of XlynX Materials and continues to be active in other business and high technology research activities.
Mary McFarland, Director of Business Development

Mary McFarland

Director of Business Development

Mary McFarland has a combination of science and business experience to draw on in her role as Director of Business Development with XlynX Materials. She holds an MSc in Chemistry and an MBA, and has worked in research and development, sales and marketing, administration, and as a CEO in such diverse fields as paints and adhesives, oceanography, medical devices, e-business, and program management.

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Dr. Jeremy Wulff, Scientific Advisor

Dr. Jeremy Wulff

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Jeremy Wulff is a Full Professor in the Chemistry department at the University of Victoria. Since joining the University in 2007, he has established a vigorous research program combining total synthesis of structurally complex natural products with detailed biochemical and cell-based assays to probe the bioactivity of the synthetic targets. 

Dr. Wulff holds a Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Bioactive Small Molecule Synthesis and supervises a team of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows carrying out research on a broad spectrum of chemistry-related disciplines. 

The invention of the first universal crosslinking reagents for polymers (Science 2019) initiated Dr. Wulff's collaboration with XlynX Materials and he continues to play a critical role as Scientific Advisor to the company.

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Dr. Ian Booth

Senior Research Scientist

Ian Booth is an exceptional research physicist who began his career early, graduating with at BSc at the age of 17. A subsequent PhD in Physics led to work as a university lecturer and a fibre optics R&D scientist, and to running his own consulting practice, Autonetics Research Associates.  

Ian holds multiple patents, the most recent in the field of carbon chemistry. He is the primary developer of XlynX’s graphane production process.


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Dr. Minh-Hai Tran, Research Scientist

Dr. Minh-Hai Tran

Research Scientist

Minh-Hai Tran holds an MSc and PhD in Applied Physics and is currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow under the supervision of Alexandre Brolo Professor and Acting Chair of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Victoria. She has been working with carbon nanomaterials since 2011 and has numerous publications in this field.

Dr. Tran brings hands on expertise in the chemistry/physics of graphene and its derivatives as well as experience in electrochemistry, the synthesis of carbon based materials, and nanomaterials characterization to her role as Research Scientist with XlynX Materials.

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