Introducing a Better BondLynx

Radically redesigned to be completely fluorine-free
Improved stability for a longer shelf life
The most cost-effective BondLynx yet

Fluorine-Free BondLynx BXW-202:

Diazirine Crosslinking, Reimagined.
BondLynx BXW-202 is the latest innovation from XLYNX Materials, combining the award-winning adhesive performance of BondLynx technology with a groundbreaking new fluorine-free formulation. The result is an entirely new BondLynx that is more sustainable, more cost-effective, and more stable for long-term storage. 
BondLynx BXW-202 is a polymer adhesive and surface treatment solution that employs bis-diazirine crosslinking technology to transform the properties of polymer materials. Topically applied and activated by UV-light or heat, BondLynx BXW-202 forms strong covalent bonds between polymer chains, providing adhesion, stability and strength. This multipurpose product supports a broad range of applications, including polymer adhesion, semiconductor fabrication, polymer textile strengthening, and molecular stabilization in perovskite solar cells, quantum dots, and organic electronics.  
Diazirine crosslinkers form bonds across polymer chains
A Better Way Forward
Fluorine is one of the most reactive elements on the periodic table, which makes it an effective building block for diazirine crosslinking. However, with growing evidence of the health and environmental risks associated with these persistent chemicals, the team at XLYNX Materials was driven to find a better way forward.
To accomplish this meant going back to the drawing board to create something never before achieved. The outcome was BondLynx BXW-202, the first in a new line of fluorine-free products to be released by XLYNX Materials. It is a versatile adhesive, strengthener, and stabilizer that solves material manufacturing challenges with the ability to be fine-tuned for specific substrates and applications. 
Performance That Exceeds Expectations
Results of lap shear adhesion tests demonstrating superior strength of BondLynx BXW-202 compared to conventional adhesives
In comparative lap shear adhesion tests with conventional polyurethane, cyanoacrylate, and epoxy adhesives, BondLynx BXW-202 outperformed the competition in every category.
To learn if BondLynx BXW-202 is the right solution for your material challenges, or to support your business transition towards a more sustainable future, give us a shout. We’d love to hear from you. 
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