Our Team

XLYNX Materials is a world leader in the growing field of materials-based diazirine chemistry.
Meet some of the team making it happen.
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Peter Berrang

Co-Founder / Co-Owner

Peter Berrang is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and run multiple successful companies on Vancouver Island. With a background in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics, Peter holds over 30 patents in a broad array of disciplines including magnetics, fiber optics, semiconductor lasers, neural implants, chemical structures, and high strength fabrics.

Dr. Jeremy Wulff

Co-Founder / Co-Owner / Scientific Advisor

Dr. Jeremy Wulff is a Full Professor in the Chemistry department at the University of Victoria. The invention of the first universal crosslinking reagents for polymers (Science 2019) initiated Dr. Wulff’s collaboration with XLYNX Materials and he continues to play a critical role as Scientific Advisor to the company.

Dr. Wulff’s LinkedIn profile.

Dr. Jeremy Wulff’s Google Scholar Citations.

Sean Bourquin

Director of Strategy

Sean Bourquin is an entrepreneur with a passion for solving problems that make the world a better place.

Sean was previously the CEO & Founder of First Light Technologies, an award winning solar powered LED lighting products company based out of Victoria, BC. During Sean’s leadership, First Light was one of Canada’s fastest growing companies for 7 consecutive years and North America’s largest solar lighting company.

Sean is driven to bring XLYNX’s innovative crosslinking technology to the world.

Dr. Stefania F. Musolino

Manager of Research and Development

Dr. Stefania Musolino is a passionate and exceptional synthetic organic chemist, with a PhD in chemistry from the University of St Andrews, UK, and a MSc in chemistry and pharmaceutical technologies from the University of Pisa, Italy. Stefania leads BondLynx process production and optimization, and she carries out multiple R&D projects for new crosslinking materials. She is an expert in her field with extensive experience in the design, synthesis, and testing of novel crosslinking diazirine materials from her post-doctoral work at the University of Victoria.

Stefania has multiple publications and patents on the design and synthesis of diazirine-based molecules, including the development of BondLynx Gen-III, PlastiLynx, SteriLynx, and more innovative crosslinking materials to come.

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Dr. Rashid Nazir

Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Rashid Nazir obtained his Ph.D. from the Warsaw University of Technology in 2015. He spent several years as a researcher in Warsaw, Hong Kong, St. Gallen, and Victoria, adding many publications and patents to his track record. His research interests are mainly focused on the synthesis of initiators, flame-retardant additives and crosslinkers, functional dyes, polymers, organic-functional dyes and pH-sensitive gels.

Mary McFarland

Director of Business Development

Mary McFarland brings a combination of science and business experience to her role as Director of Business Development with XLYNX Materials. She holds an MSc in Chemistry and an MBA, and has worked in research and development, sales and marketing, administration, and as a CEO in such diverse fields as paints and adhesives, oceanography, medical devices, e-business, and program management.

Mary’s LinkedIn profile.

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David Thickens

Marketing Manager

David Thickens is a graduate of the Master of Public Administration program at the University of Victoria, and has extensive experience in research, policy, business analysis, and communications-related positions. Involved from an early stage of the company’s development, David is now the Marketing Manager responsible for communications, materials, and campaigns at XLYNX Materials.