Polyolefin Surface Primer
Universal primer for adhesives, coatings, and dyes
Radically redesigned to be completely fluorine-free
Advanced long-lasting surface treatment alternative

PlastiLynx PXN Polyolefin Primer:

PlastiLynx PXN is an innovative universal primer for polyolefin materials that enables strong adhesion with glues, coatings, and dyes.
In combination with commercially available adhesives, PlastiLynx creates new functionality and significantly enhances the strength of bonds compared to conventional primers.
Our most advanced, PFAS-free polyolefin primer.

PlastiLynx PXN is our strongest surface-activating primer yet and was developed without the use of harmful PFAS chemicals. It’s what we call a win-win.

Low surface energy polyolefins like polypropylene and polyethylene are remarkable materials due to their lightweight strength, affordability, and resilience. However, their resistance to adhesion is an obstacle in many applications.

PlastiLynx PXN employs cutting-edge diazirine crosslinking technology to form permanent covalent bonds across the surface of hard-to-bond polyolefins, leaving a reactive amine layer that is receptive to all manner of adhesives, coatings, and dyes.

Diazirine crosslinkers form bonds across polymer chains
A better polyolefin surface treatment alternative

Most polymer primers must be used in combination with cyanoacrylate adhesives. PlastiLynx-primed surfaces are receptive to all types of adhesives, including epoxies and polyurethanes. Our technology just works differently, and this difference creates new possibilities.

With PlastiLynx PXN, manufacturers can choose from a wide variety of cost-effective adhesives to solve a broad range of bonding and application challenges, including dissimilar bonding with metals, textiles, rubber, and other polymers.

The difference in adhesion is undeniable. PlastiLynx outperforms conventional polyolefin primers and will significantly improve adhesion with low surface energy materials.

Simply put, PlastiLynx PXN is in a class of its own.

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