Our polymeric diazirine.

PlastiLynx is a diazirine-grafted polyamine optimally designed as a surface-activating primer for polyolefin solids and textiles, but can also be deployed as a single-agent adhesive, offering a range of bonding solutions for challenging polymer materials.

Used in combination with commercially available adhesives, the PlastiLynx line of products can replace mechanical and other joining methods to enable new functionality and significantly enhance the strength of bonds. Compared to traditional surface-activating methods (such as plasma, corona, and flame treatments) which degrade over time and damage materials, PlastiLynx treatment forms permanent, non-damaging covalent bonds along the substrate surface which are ready to interact with adhesives, dyes, and coatings.

PlastiLynx is currently available in four variations, each uniquely designed to excel in different applications or with different polymer substrates: PLN-1000, PLN-3000, PLD-1002, and PLD-3003.

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