Located on Canada’s West Coast, XlynX’s team of chemists and physicists is committed to working with researchers around the world to bring new and exciting chemical products to market.

XlynX is developing a suite of diazirine-based chemicals for covalently crosslinking low-surface-energy, hard-to-bond polymers. These new molecules address tough adhesion and fabric strengthening challenges and impart antimicrobial properties to surfaces and fabrics.

XlynX is the first company to make graphane available on a commercial basis.

XlynX has refined its process for manufacturing highly hydrogenated graphite (graphane) and is now commercializing the material for research and development purposes. Graphane has exceptional electronic, chemical, optical, magnetic, and thermal properties.]

Graphane is also referred to as hydrogenated graphite, hydrogenated graphene, hydrographite, decorated graphene, functionalized graphene, or graphane-like nanomaterial.

XlynX Materials gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Mitacs Accelerate program.